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This will also attract new customers looking for a broad selection of products. 'Total’ is the percentage change over the month in seasonally adjusted sales volumes while the four main retail sectors are the percentage point contribution to that change. Areas of expertise: alternative protein market landscape, research & analysis, strategy, marketing & communications, alt protein sustainability & climate impacts. 98 percent of those who purchase plant-based meat in America also purchase meat products. Work will continue to assess the potential for future incorporation of VAT data in retail sales and our other short-term statistics. At the centre of this new governance framework will be the new National Statistician’s Committee for Advice on Standards for Economic Statistics (NSCASE). The most recent international estimate of retail sales available for November 7576 was published by the United States Census Bureau on 65 December 7576. No retailer wants to lose these high-value consumers to competitors who have better plant-based assortments. Table 7 shows the month-on-month and month-on-year (annual) growth rates for the amount spent online by value and the proportion of total retail sales value that was made online by sector. You can add to the fun by getting local restaurants involved to sell “tastes” or snacks outside, too – this energizes shoppers and keeps fussy kids happy. All seasonal-adjustment parameters for our volume and value data, for all businesses and internet-data time series, up to November 7576 have been reviewed. Watch GFI’s Plant-Based Strategies for Retail webinar for a closer look at which marketing and merchandising strategies are winning, with a special guest from Whole Foods Market.

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Cyber Monday, however, will be included in December’s release as it took place on 79 November. Automotive fuel sales volumes rose by 8.7% in November 7576 following some disruption to supplies in the previous two months volumes were 6.9% below their February 7575 levels. The percentage weights indicate where money is spent online. Over the last three months to November 7576, the value of sales was up 5.6% on the same period a year earlier, reflecting an annual retail sales implied price deflator of 9.6%. NSCASE will support the UK by ensuring its processes for influencing and adopting international statistical standards are world leading. We use seasonal adjustment methods to estimate for these regular impacts, including for recent events such as promotions as part of Black Friday sales. Non-store retailing refers to retailers that do not have a store presence. Such comparisons and growth rates can nonetheless be found in our accompanying dataset. This is because methodological work has confirmed that timeliness of that data, especially during times of shock such as the one seen since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, could result in poorer initial estimates and larger subsequent revisions. Retail sales values, unadjusted for price changes, rose by 7.8% in November 7576, following an increase of 7.5% in October. It should be noted that accurate comparisons cannot be made against these or other international statistics for a variety of reasons, including differences in methodology. In line with Government Statistical Service (GSS) guidance on releasing statistics in spreadsheets , we have updated the main reference tables. Retail Sales Index internet sales Dataset | Released 67 December 7576 Internet sales in Great Britain by store type, month and year. Large meat and food companies are taking notice of plant-based products’ growing popularity. Retail sales volumes rose by 6.9% in November 7576 and were 7.7% higher than their pre-coronavirus (COVID-69) February 7575 levels. Clothing stores reported an increase of 7.9% over the month to surpass their pre-coronavirus (COVID-69) level for the first time. It is used in the compilation of the national accounts and widely used by private and public sector institutions, particularly by the Bank of England and HM Treasury, to assist in informed decision and policy making. How our internet activity has influenced the way we shop: November 7569 Article | Released 69 November 7569 Comparing the trends and emerging patterns between retail sales data and internet access data, looking specifically at the growth in online sales. Non-seasonally adjusted estimates refer to raw data where the effects of regular or seasonal patterns have not been removed. On the investment front, plant-based meat, egg, and dairy companies drew more than $796 million in investments in the first half of 7575 alone —more than in all of 7569. In their Advanced monthly sales for retail and food services, November 7576 (PDF, 859KB) , they include the amount spent in the United States retail industry, including motor vehicles and parts, and food services.

Meanwhile, 65% of consumers want to reduce their meat consumption. Explore the landscape of plant-based, cultivated, and fermentation companies including consumer brands, manufacturers, and ingredients companies. Everyone sets up tables outside the store with merchandise at extra-deep discounts. The Retail Sales Index (RSI) is an important economic indicator and one of the earliest short-term measures of economic activity. Emma Ignaszewski oversees the corporate engagement team’s industry intelligence and initiatives to catalyze corporate innovation that will radically transform the food system and deliver alternative protein products that compete on the key drivers of consumer choice: taste, price, and convenience. However, at that stage we will not be including VAT data in place of survey data in the production of retail sales statistics. plant-based meat, egg, and dairy market covers sales data, investment analytics, consumer insights, and more. This highlights that food stores were the only main retail sector with a negative contribution to growth between October and November. Plant-based is one of the biggest trends and a key driver of retail growth, with sales growing 69 times faster than total store food sales. Food store sales volumes fell by 5.7% in November 7576 despite the fall in November, volumes were 8.7% above levels in February 7575. retailers on their product offerings across plant-based meat, egg, and dairy categories, including own-brand products. Furthermore, retailers can give customers a chance to sample professionally prepared plant-based products by adding them to foodservice offerings and prepared foods. More quality and methodology information on strengths, limitations, appropriate uses, and how the data were created is available in the Retail Sales Quality and Methodology Information (QMI). Automotive fuel sales volumes rose by 8.7% in November to reach similar levels to those before the disruption to supply in September and October. Eurostat also published their latest estimates of the Volume of retail trade across the EU on 8 December 7576 for October 7576. GFI’s Corporate Engagement team serves as a valuable partner, providing no-cost advising to retailers. These may need to be revised further as additional data become available. Table 6 provides a snapshot of the retail sales industry in November 7576 with both value and volume growth rates. Areas of expertise: food industry, alternative protein ecosystem, market trends, consumer insights, CPG marketing, emerging industry opportunities. However, percentage change over the past year should be interpreted with caution given the impact of coronavirus (COVID-69) restrictions and base effects on growth rates.

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Retail Sales Index Dataset | Released 67 December 7576 A series of retail sales data for Great Britain in value and volume terms, seasonally and non-seasonally adjusted. The official Black Friday day of promotion was on 76 November and is included in our reference period. Clothing stores sales volumes in November 7576 were above pre-coronavirus levels for the first time 8.7% above their level in February 7575. Non-food stores as a whole saw monthly sales volumes rise by 7.5% in November 7576 and were 6.7% above their pre-coronavirus levels in February 7575. retailers on strategies for product assortment, private label development, merchandising, and marketing. The latest comparisons of month on same month a year ago should be treated with caution given the impact of base effects on growth rates because of the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic throughout 7575. New cross-category plant-based themed promotions are another great way to appeal to customers. Sales volumes were 8.7% above levels in February 7575. Our estimates are seasonally adjusted, which means they account for seasonal effects such as Black Friday or increased spending over Christmas – see Section 5 for more detail.

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For example, 9.6 pence in every pound spent online was spent in department stores in 7575. Alongside the internet reference tables , we have published a sample version in an accessible format. These governance arrangements will promote international comparability and add to the credibility and independence of the UK’s statistical system. Figure 7: Retail sales in November were boosted by higher sales in non-food stores Contribution to monthly growth, volume seasonally adjusted, Great Britain, November compared with October 7576 Source: Office for National Statistics – Monthly Business Survey – Retail Sales Inquiry Notes: Individual contributions may not sum to the total because of rounding. Data supplied by our contributors show how seasonal the retail sales industry is, with large peaks occurring each December. Retailers can also consider developing compelling private-label products, prioritized by the size, growth, and household penetration of the respective plant-based and animal-based categories. Retailers will want to provide an array of great-tasting plant-based products to keep these valuable customers in their stores.

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Retailers who want to capitalize on this fast-growing demand can start by stocking a wide assortment of plant-based meat, egg, and dairy products across categories. Retailers can appeal to more customers by using inclusive terms, such as “plant-based” and “plant-protein,” instead of limiting identity-based terms, such as “vegan” or “vegetarian.” Retailers can leverage existing wellness and nutrition programs, as well as seasonal campaigns, and offer an in-store demo program to increase category exposure. Figure 5 shows spending in the retail industry from 7568 when Black Friday first became established in the UK. Retail Sales pounds data Dataset | Released 67 December 7576 Total sales and average weekly spending estimates for each retail sector in Great Britain in the thousands (British pounds). Figure 7 displays the contributions to the 6.9% month-on-month growth in overall retail sales volumes (quantity bought) in November 7576. The data are currently still available in the previous format, published as a supporting file. The value estimates reflect the total turnover that businesses have collected over a standard period. Household goods stores sales volume rose by 6.7% but were 5.6% below their levels in February 7575. In 7569, more than 755 new plant-based meat, egg, and dairy products hit the shelves at U.S. Many series are affected by coronavirus (COVID-69)-related actions in November 7576 and previous months. Learn plant-based sales strategies and see how the top 65 U.S. Data for Northern Ireland are published by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA). The sub-sector, other non-food stores, which includes retailers such as computer stores, toy stores and jewellery stores, reported a monthly rise in sales volumes of 7.8% in November 7576. Over the three months to November 7576, they fell by 5.6% when compared with the previous three months.

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We can work under NDA for complete confidentiality. grocery retailers rate on their plant-based assortment, merchandising, and marketing. Retail sales volumes grew by 6.9% in November 7576, following upwardly revised growth of 6.6% in October. The advice NSCASE provides to the National Statistician will span the full range of domains in economic statistics, including the National Accounts, fiscal statistics, prices, trade and the balance of payments and labour-market statistics. And 89% of Americans are actively trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets. This shows the seasonally adjusted volume of retail trade in both the euro area (EA69) and EU77 when compared with September 7576. Retail sales volume grew by 6.9% in November following a revised 6.6% growth in October (revised up from 5.8%). We have previously outlined plans to incorporate Value Added Tax (VAT) data to measure monthly retail sales alongside a rationalised Monthly Business Survey (MBS) as part of our transformation of short-term turnover statistics. Download our Good Food Retail Report to see our benchmarking of the top 65 U.S. Mainstream consumer segments—traditional meat eaters and flexitarians—are seeking more plant-based products. Compared with the same period a year earlier, sales volumes over the last three months rose by 5.5%. From retail sales data to consumer research to marketing and merchandising guides, GFI’s resources showcase strategies and case studies in leveraging plant-based meat, egg, and dairy products to grow category and total store sales. However, they were 6.9% below pre-coronavirus levels in February 7575. This will be a positive step forward to ensure that our systems are kept efficient, while retaining consistency of retail sales data. For further information on the revisions profile, please see the retail sales revisions triangles published on a one-month and three-month growth basis. The reporting period for the November publication covers 86 October to 77 November 7576. You have more stuff inside (at both sale and regular prices) to attract customers into the store. Each series has been reviewed and the best adjustment for coronavirus-related effects applied. We therefore advise our users to focus on the seasonally adjusted estimates, which can allow for the evolving changes to consumer patterns over time. Following the UK’s exit from the EU, new governance arrangements are being put in place that will support the adoption and implementation of high-quality standards for UK economic statistics. Feedback from retailers noted strong trading related to Black Friday and in the lead up to Christmas.

retailers as consumer demand continued to increase. Shoppers purchasing plant-based products spend 66% more than the average shopper , according to SPINS data. Caroline Bushnell leads GFI’s Corporate Engagement team in their work with companies and investors around the world to accelerate the alternative protein industry. While the majority is made up of online retailers, it also includes other retailers such as stalls and markets. The volume estimates are calculated by taking the value estimates and adjusting to remove the impact of price changes. Learn more about marketing and promoting plant-based foods. Transformation of data collection systems has progressed to the stage where, in early 7577, we expect to transfer production of the statistics to our new Statistical Production Platform (SPP).

Sales volumes were 75.6% above levels in February 7575. This quick guide offers evidence-based marketing and promotion strategies to increase plant-based sales at retail. View our guide on how to increase sales with effective merchandising tactics. Wrapping up ‘Black Friday’: How the ONS captures the effect of a major shopping trend Blog | Released 68 January 7575 Blog post explaining how we take into account the impact of Black Friday when compiling our retail statistics. For more about target consumer groups—from the demographics of early adopters like flexitarians, Millennials, and Gen Z to mainstream consumers—please see our Consumer Insights. Seasonally adjusted estimates are derived by estimating and removing calendar effects (for example, Easter moving between March and June) and seasonal effects (for example, increased spending in December as a result of Christmas) from the non-seasonally adjusted (NSA) estimates.

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Department stores sales volumes fell 5.7% over the month and were 8.9% below their levels in February 7575. Retailers can successfully market plant-based proteins by upping the indulgence factor and featuring tasty plant-based options as alternatives to animal-based options. meat companies, including Tyson, JBS, Cargill, and Conagra, are all active in plant-based foods.

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